Our Programs

Florida Freedom Writers Foundation

The Florida Freedom Writers Foundation is a non -profit organization, led by C.E.O., Dr. Precious Symonette and the Florida Freedom Writers, (FFW), who are  collegiate, student teaching artists. The work of this non- profit includes, but is not limited to facilitating writing workshops,  creating and participating in community, service learning projects for students in grades K-12th. Students learn 21st Century Skills to help them to be successful academically, socially, and professionally. Additionally, students learn, practice, and perform a variety of artistic expression. Using the ideologies and methodologies of the original Freedom Walkers, Freedom Riders,  the Freedom Writers of the 1960’s, and the Freedom Writers in Long Beach, California,  students learn about these Movements to promote empathy, community, love, and social justice in modern times. 

Service Learning

The Florida Freedom Writers also partake in Service Learning activities.  As such, one of their primary goals is to help to inspire and motivate children to write and to share their stories with the world. Currently, the Florida Freedom Writers are mentoring young children in the Miami Gardens area through the Poetry Peer Project as a means to build writing capacity within younger children, which is a beginning youth mentoring program for young children, ages 5-18.

Service Learning Projects

The Florida Freedom Writers are genuinely concerned with helping the world to become a better place. For this reason, they actively explore real-world problems and challenges as a means to obtain a deeper understanding. Some of these issues include, but are not limited to: self-love, community building, gun violence, gang violence, sex trafficking, domestic violence, homelessness, and discrimination.